Yoda Pies: Mourning and Celebration

by Kee Kee on March 20, 2017

in Change,Memories,Yoda

Three weeks ago my precious Yoda left this world. Eric and I decided we wanted to set him free with a celebration of his large life. The last day of his life began with baking a “Yoda Pie” in his honor. The three of us ate the pie for lunch, and Yoda devoured his piece (an impressive feat, given we […]

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I’m sitting in my hotel room in Springfield, Missouri, finally finding time to write after some marathon days of driving.  I love the road.  I do some of my best thinking during long hours of driving in Princess Leia the Prius with Yoda the dog.  What’s been on my mind the past few days is […]

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Dear 2011, I just wanted to say hello, welcome, and damn I’m happy to meet you!  Last year was a pretty rough year.  2010 was a blur of toxic personal relationships, challenging financial issues, and working my knuckles raw for a dying company that I wasn’t able to save.  By September I was destroyed.  2010 […]

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Lessons of the Road

by Kee Kee on September 30, 2010

in California,Memories

I’ve never really been a fan of road trips. Being trapped in a small space with another person amongst discarded banana peels and junk food wrappers for hours upon hours isn’t really my idea of fun. My first big road trip was junior year of college when my boyfriend Bob and I drove from Madison, […]

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Cool Change

by Kee Kee on September 25, 2010

in California,Cowgirl,Memories

I’ve had it with the tears. And yes, I’m talking about mine. Just about anything can set me off. This morning it was a video of dolphins and whales playing in the waves set to Little River Band’s “Cool Change” (thank you Angela!). This afternoon it was a bright-eyed 20-something unloading a velvet-cushioned chair out […]

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