Why Are Dogs So Happy?

by Kee Kee on September 5, 2015

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  One of my happiest places on earth is at my parents’ lake house in rural Wisconsin. I can say without doubt that it is one of Yoda’s most beloved spots too, which is why I’m so lucky that we have been able to road trip here so I can work remotely for the month of […]

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I’m sitting in my Jackson, Missouri hotel room after a nine hour day of driving, en route to Austin after a month away.  All those hours in a car give me a lot of time to analyze (and sometimes over-analyze) things in my life. What was on my mind today was a conversation I had […]

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stale /stāl/ Adjective (of food) No longer fresh and pleasant to eat; hard, musty, or dry: “stale bread”. Wednesday night I was telling a friend about the wild ride I’ve been on during the past two years.  While nursing a glass of wine, I explained to him how liberating it has been living outside of […]

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Sometimes there is a single event that transforms one’s perception of a relationship forever.  Sometimes that event is so damaging that it triggers the death of a relationship.  Other times it is so profound that it gives birth to a new relationship.  The most rewarding time is when that single event is so magical that […]

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Wisconsin: Home-Gratitude-Butter

by Kee Kee on December 12, 2010

in Family,Wisconsin

I’ll always call Wisconsin home, even if I never live there again.  I was born and raised in Wisconsin.  It is often said that people don’t appreciate something while they have it.   That is certainly the case for me and Wisconsin.  Growing up I was embarrassed to say I was from the state.  I wanted […]

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