About Kee Kee

For almost 14 years Kee Kee Buckley was a senior executive with one of Hollywood’s top motion picture production companies. After being laid off along with 2/3 of her company, she was faced with the reality that she could no longer define herself by her work. This, combined with the realization that working in Hollywood never really made her happy, shook her to the core. The resulting existential crisis led Kee Kee to do what was previously unthinkable for a classic overachiever: she loaded up her car, Princess Leia the Prius, with her dog Yoda and took to the U.S. highways for 5 months in hopes that the lessons of the road would bring her peace (aka “Shama”).

The road continues to deliver its lessons. Through the road Kee Kee has had cold sleepless nights camping on the California Coast; has had the thrill of discovering off the beaten path natural mineral springs; has spent a week in the iconic American Gothic House; was taken in by a world renowned Curandera in Hot Springs, Arkansas; found love and then lost it almost before it began; and ultimately packed up her apartment in Santa Monica, CA and moved to Texas (a state she never even had a desire to visit). Kee Kee, Princess and Yoda continue their adventures on the road as Kee Kee continues to grow through the often painful lessons of life transitions. She now calls Austin, Texas home, where she is producing documentary films and is hard at work writing a book about the road trip adventures that are helping her become the woman she is meant to be.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Kee Kee attended UW-Madison and Chicago-Kent College of Law and is a member of the Illinois State Bar. A trained yoga instructor, she is the creator of the patented Shama Yoga Rug.