Christmas Magic – Yoda and the Mailman

by Kee Kee on December 25, 2013

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A year ago last December, during one of those inevitable vulnerable spells that periodically bubble up when one is attempting to reinvent oneself, I found myself emotionally gushing to a friend, “I need to drum up some Christmas magic.  Where is the Christmas magic?!”

After allowing myself a brief moment to feel sorry for myself, I gathered my emotions and decided I was bound and determined to find some Christmas magic. It wasn’t until the next afternoon, while I sat at my desk spying through the window at Yoda and JC the mailman, that I realized that Christmas magic can be found in every moment of every day throughout the year. Yoda reminds of me of this. Every day, like clockwork, Yoda loses his mind. Completely loses it. I think he must smell JC a few doors away, because that’s when he starts whining and pacing and begging to go out. By the time JC reaches our yard, Yoda is yelping and diving his head into JC’s mailbag in search of the daily treat that JC brings. The other day Yoda actually jumped into JC’s mail truck and started pawing through the mail bins to try to find a treat. The sheer joy and love that Yoda and JC have for each other is, without doubt, Christmas magic.

Christmas magic is in the little things.

Bella & Kee KeeLike when your niece snuggles up to you just because.

Or when you receive a card in the mail from a good friend who reaches out because it is World Gratitude Day.

Or when the new side dish recipe you make to bring to a Christmas party turns out absolutely perfectly.

Or after you receive the crushing news that your landlady is going to be moving back into your sweet little house at the end of January, JC the mailman tells you he’s put out an all points bulletin to all the mail carriers in your neighborhood to help you find a new house to rent.

It’s like JC is my Santa Claus and all the mail carriers are his elves!

Yoda and JC taught me last December that Christmas magic can be found in every moment of every day throughout the year.  Twelve months later, I’m still taking time every day to look for it.  My Yoda, he’s a wise one.

Yoda and I wish you all an abundance of Christmas magic – Happy Holidays y’all!


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