December 2013

Christmas Magic – Yoda and the Mailman

by Kee Kee on December 25, 2013

in Inspiration,Texas,Yoda

        A year ago last December, during one of those inevitable vulnerable spells that periodically bubble up when one is attempting to reinvent oneself, I found myself emotionally gushing to a friend, “I need to drum up some Christmas magic.  Where is the Christmas magic?!” After allowing myself a brief moment to […]

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Create a Better Moment

by Kee Kee on December 2, 2013

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When will this headache end? This was the main thought running through my head for the past four days. It felt like someone dipped a corkscrew in fiery coals so that the metal screw was blazing red hot, then they repeatedly jammed that corkscrew into my forehead right above my left eyebrow. Next, they slowly […]

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