In a Galaxy Not So Far Away…

by Kee Kee on November 24, 2013

in Texas,Yoda

maskMy sidekick is a dog named Yoda. My car is named Princess Leia the Prius.  You’d think I was a Star Wars buff, right?  Truth be told, I’ve seen the six movies only one time each, and I only just watched Episodes I – III last year. I can’t even tell you what happens in each movie because I mix them all up. Nonetheless, I’m in awe of the brilliance of the thread of spiritual philosophy that bubbles up in each of the movies.  There is wisdom in the main characters, in the words that they speak, and in the quest that each leads. 

All this to say, the Star Wars film franchise had absolutely nothing to do with me naming my dog.  Yoda was named Yoda because I rescued him, and “Yoda” in Sanskrit means warrior. I believe he was a little warrior for surviving life on the streets before I adopted him. The fact that he actually looks like Yoda is a fun after-the-fact realization. Naming my car Princess Leia the Prius seemed a tongue-in-cheek no-brainer (she came along after Yoda and I became a family).  Yet still, because Yoda and Princess Leia and I have shared so much (uh, like living 5 months on the road together), anything Star Wars-related generally peaks my interest these days. 

Jedi group night 2That’s why I’m sorta out of my head crazy excited about a group of men I’ve run into a couple times in Austin.  They are Battle Saber Enthusiasts and call themselves the Lonestar Jedis. They gather each week to perform Star Wars’ style martial arts with their light sabers.  At times they even dress in costumes and perform choreographed routines. Could I ask for anything more quirky Austin than that?  Lonestar Jedis are a non-profit group that is performing at Wizard World Austin Comic Con this weekend. They also perform at birthday parties and they will soon be holding a “Jedi Training Camp” for the Boy Scouts’ Webelos.

When I asked what takes place at a Jedi Training Camp, one of the light saber-wielding guys looked at me like I really needed to get a clue as he answered, “We teach kids how to properly handle a light saber.” Duh!

Jedi group day 1For those of you itching to join in the fun (and I know there must be many of you!),  simply calibrate your light saber and come out to Butler Park on Monday nights in the bizarre, not so far away galaxy called Austin, Texas.


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