September 2013

Oh how the road sings to me! She really does. This was no more true than during my most recent road trip in July on The Blues Highway. My drive with Yoda through Mississippi brought me all I look for in a road trip – new cultural experiences, a bit of history, friendly people, and […]

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Yoda Does Yoga

by Kee Kee on September 25, 2013

in Yoda

September is National Yoga Month.  Normally I wouldn’t care. Normally I would roll my eyes and throw National Yoga Month in the ridiculous category of other so-called Hallmark holidays like Sweetest Day or last week’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day. But this year is different. This year National Yoga Month is a bit special […]

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The Love Blast

by Kee Kee on September 13, 2013

in Change,Forgiveness,Inspiration

Your best friend dissed you. Your girlfriend cheated on you. Your client decided not to pay your last invoice, even though they owe you money. Your boss put you in your place, when it should have been the other way around. A stranger at the grocery story rammed his cart into yours as he whipped […]

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I’m sitting in my Jackson, Missouri hotel room after a nine hour day of driving, en route to Austin after a month away.  All those hours in a car give me a lot of time to analyze (and sometimes over-analyze) things in my life. What was on my mind today was a conversation I had […]

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