Peek Into the Lives of Others: I Welcome Change Post-it Note Challenge

by Kee Kee on March 14, 2013

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Recently the I Welcome Change Post-it Note Challenge was launched on Seeking Shama. The idea behind this is that by creating a Post-it Note Mantra welcoming a particular change into your life, you will start to be more mindful of moving in this direction. By seeing daily reminders of your Post-it Note Mantra stuck in places where you are bound to see them on a regular basis, you will likely make choices and take steps that will begin to manifest this change. The I Welcome Change Post-it Note Challenge is both about moving the energy around you, as well as creating a permanent transformation in your state of mind.  Stick with this challenge for at least a month. My guess is that as you see your life starting to shift in positive ways, you’ll want to keep working with your Post-it Note Mantra for longer than that.

Sometimes we learn truths about ourselves by peeking into the lives of others.  So I want to share with you (with the authors’ permissions) some Post-it Note Mantras that people have shared with me.

Emily: I Welcome Being Vulnerable In Love

“Because I’ve been on my own a long time, I tend to have my guard up and not let people get too close. I chose “I Welcome Being Vulnerable In Love” because if a relationship is what I really want, I have to let my guard down to connect with someone. That means being vulnerable and placing my trust in someone who may or may not stick around. Scary, but necessary.” – Emily, Austin, TX

Jolene: I Welcome Truth

“I welcome truth because I am on a quest to be more honest with myself about my marriage.” – Jolene, San Diego, CA

Update: For the past five months, Jolene and her husband have been struggling to decide whether they should continue their marriage.  Three weeks after Jolene shared her Post-it Note Mantra with me, she and her husband have made an amicable decision to get divorced. She’s feeling a clarity and optimism about her life that she hasn’t felt in years. She attributes this to finally having put an end to the uncertainty and pain of living in the in-between place of “should we or shouldn’t we?”

Roy: I Welcome My Healthy Way of Eating

“My Post-it Note Mantra is “I Welcome My Healthy Way of Eating” because I’m finally realizing that the first and greatest step towards loving myself and others is what I internalize, both literally and figuratively.” – Roy, Hot Springs, AR

Ann Marie: I Welcome Love

“I chose three  little words, “I welcome love” to bring about a big change in my life- big love- since that has been missing for awhile.  I’m now being proactive and trying something new to me, online dating, as one way to shift the energy to find the love that is key to living my truth.” – Ann Marie, Austin, TX

Betsy: I Welcome Faith, Forgiveness, Future, Inner-Strength and Courage

“After being married 13 years, my divorce was final in January. I now welcome faith, forgiveness, future, inner-strength and courage as I embark on my future as a single mother to two amazing kids.” – Betsy, Sun Prairie, WI

Nancy: I Welcome Motivation

“I chose motivation as my post-it challenge. I’m very motivated on some things but others, such as exercising regularly, I’m not. Once I start I’m good but it’s the starting that I struggle with. My Post-it Note helps remind me to ignore that initial reluctance and get to it!” – Nancy, Hot Springs, AR

Liz: I Welcome My Brilliant Book Deal

“I have a compelling topic for my next book.  This is a project I’ve wanted to move forward with quickly, but I’ve been stuck with my writing because I’ve been unsure of the direction it should go.  My Post-it Note Mantra is “I Welcome My Brilliant Book Deal” because I was hoping the Post-It Note would provoke clarity. It has worked, because I’m now focusing on writing a feature article about this topic instead of a book.  If a book deal emerges from that, great – but it’s taken the pressure off enough that I can actually write now.”  – Liz, Austin, TX

David: I Welcome Success, Wealth, Serenity and Happiness

David, a film composer from Venice Beach, CA is looking for his next big movie to score.  In doing so, he welcomes success, wealth, serenity and happiness!

Judy: I Welcome Order

Judy, from Palos Verdes, CA, welcomes order into her life because her office needs organization.

 Please keep e-mailing me photos of your Post-it Note Mantras and sharing stories of the ways, big and small, in which you see your life shifting  ( Tweet your Post-it Note Mantra and use hashtag #iwelcomechange.  


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