To The Field

by Kee Kee on July 3, 2012

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I’ve spent the past 1.5 years stepping away from the sidelines and learning to play the game of life.  For the most part it has been exhilarating.  However it hasn’t been easy.  I’ve suffered my share of fumbled balls and interceptions at times when it seemed like I was finally headed for a touchdown.  That’s been happening a lot lately.  During times like these I’m tempted to head straight back to the sidelines.  It seems safe there.  By not playing the game, I can’t lose the game.  But really, life isn’t about being a bench player.   It’s about being the commissioner of your own league.  It’s about being the star quarterback in your own game of life and the lead baton twirler in the halftime show.  My close friend Chuck sent me a poem to remind me to keep playing the game of my own life, and to keep having my own touchdown celebrations whether I actually make one or not.  That’s because the scorecard isn’t important, it’s playing the game that really matters.

“To The Field”

From the bleachers you must run.
To the field and all the fun!
Where the game of life unfolds.
Where the ancient truths are told.
Where you face your many fears,
Only to put away your heartbroken tears.
From this field I will never run,
Not until the day my life is done!

Charles Ford Champion II
July 2, 2012

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