Space Food is My Muse

by Kee Kee on August 12, 2011

in Living Outside of the Box,Texas

I found myself in Houston again this week for a meeting at NASA.   Being there on business was every bit as exhilarating as when I was given a private tour last month.  This time around I hit the gift shop and left with a bag of “Astronaut Food” which consists of packets of ice-cream and ice-cream sandwiches that I’ll give to my seven nieces and nephews for Christmas.  Yes, I’ll save them for Christmas because this ice-cream keeps…it is freeze dried.  I swear, I’m probably more excited than they’ll be when they open the gifts.  I’ll certainly be bribing them to share a nibble with Aunt Kee Kee.  Can it possibly taste good?

Space food was invented by Maurice Krug and initially consisted of soft mushy applesauce squeezed out of a tube directly into the astronauts’ mouths in order to prevent blobs of food from floating all over the  spaceship.   Space food has come a long way – now astronauts have 72 food items to choose from as well as liquefied salt and pepper with which to season their meal.  Space food.  The innovative people behind its development just boggle my mind.

I have one of the ice-cream sandwich packages on my desk right now.  It’s my muse.  Just looking at it inspires me to look at the world differently and keep living outside of the box.


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Shanti September 4, 2011 at 7:29 pm

Ok you are soooo sending me some space ice cream!!!

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