Smile and Ignite Your Light

by Kee Kee on August 22, 2011

in Change

Every single person has the capacity to light up a room.  It doesn’t matter what your size, shape, color, age or gender. If you own your light, people will notice.  Even thinking about a child’s laughter can bring a rush of happiness bubbling to the surface.  Now think what your smile can do.  Walk up to a stranger and smile, genuinely.  It will always trigger a smile back.  That exchange of energy is a powerful thing.  In the depths of my depression on my road trip I challenged myself daily to smile at strangers.  I did it for the simple reason that I realized early on how powerful the endorphine hit was when I received a smile back.  Smiles are a way to share your light.  And the more light you share, the more light you create for yourself.  I’m living proof.  The smiles come easier these days.  Although I still have days of feeling alone and sad while I struggle with this life transition I’m in, more often than not the happy moments now outweigh the bad.

So go ahead everyone, ignite your light. It’s in there, so dig down, find it, and share it with a smile.

Thanks to Joy DiMennas’s column on for turning me on to this brilliant video!


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Laura "Ole" Olesen September 16, 2011 at 2:42 pm

Nice to meet you Kee Kee! Very timely that I should check out your blog….. I’m with you on the light although still require practice. You led me back to this fabulous fabulous poem today: Thank you!! (PS I’m also with you on the Prius and the dog! 🙂

Kee Kee September 16, 2011 at 8:45 pm

This poem has crept into my life in so many different ways over the past year…your comment being the latest. Perhaps there is something I need to learn there?!

So nice to meet you too!

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