October 2010

An important rule of travel is to be flexible with your plans. Things rarely go as planned, so the more open you are to change, the more likely your trip will be a success. I’m starting to learn that the same rule applies to life.  I’ve always been an overachiever with a fixed menu for my […]

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Circle of Friends – San Francisco

by Kee Kee on October 23, 2010

in California

There is something about being a transplant in a big city that makes a select few of one’s friendships very deep and meaningful.  Since many of us don’t have family living in these cities, our friends become our surrogate local families.  We spend holidays with them, they collect our mail when we are out of town, […]

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Like a Lotus – Camping in the Mud

by Kee Kee on October 20, 2010

in California,Change

It seems fitting that the first three days of our road trip consisted of near constant rain and muddy paws.  The weather reflected the storm in my heart and the tears on my cheeks.  I suppose it is hard to understand how numbing LA can be to one’s spirit without having lived and breathed its essence on a daily […]

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Day One: Happy Town, U.S.A.

by Kee Kee on October 16, 2010

in California,Change,Prius

I did it.  I really did it.  I left the keys with my house sitter at 11am and promised him exclusive use of my apartment through the end of December.  I then spent the first 2 hours of my drive with a fistful of tissues during my obligatory cry as I headed up the coast in […]

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Tapped Out

by Kee Kee on October 14, 2010

in California,Hot Springs

I’m tapped out. Drained.  Sad.  Lost.  Life is heavy.  However one thing that sustains me, body and soul, is water.  I just watched the documentary “Tapped.” Without getting into my political views about bottled water (don’t buy it!), I realized how much water is a part of my life.    Up to 70% of our bodies are made of water.  We physically […]

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Spa Day for Princess

by Kee Kee on October 11, 2010

in California,Prius

Yes, it’s true.  I named my car.  Her name is Princess Leia.  Princess, for short.  Why this name?  Well, her GPS voice sounds like a princess.  But more importantly, her regular passenger is Yoda (I almost said Yoda regularly rides Princess Leia, but people, please, I know you well and not only would I have to […]

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Will You Still Like Me?

by Kee Kee on October 8, 2010

in California,Change

“Who Am I?”  This has been a burning question for me throughout my life.  I can’t be the only one tormented by this question, can I?  Do others easily recognize and embrace their true essence?  Or do most people just ignore the question and complacently accept the status quo?  Oh how I wish I could live in that […]

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Security in the Jungle of Life

by Kee Kee on October 4, 2010

in California,Change,Security

Several times over the past month my friend Chuck has observed how important security is to me.  Security in business and knowing I’ll have a paycheck.  Security in relationships and knowing friends and business partners will have my back, just as I’ll always have theirs.  Security with my savings account and knowing it’s building and […]

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Who Rescued Whom?

by Kee Kee on October 2, 2010

in California,Yoda

   My travel companion in life and on this road trip is Yoda, a Boxer/French Bulldog/Large Munsterlander mix who rescued me 6 years ago when I was reeling from a broken heart.  “Yoda” in Sanskrit means “warrior,” an appropriate name because he was a little warrior by surviving on the streets before we found […]

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